C-Suite Professional Portraits

Are you a professional and one of the faces of your organization? Do you frequently get asked for a headshot for speaking engagements or magazine features?

This powerhouse professional, Michelle Martinez Reyes, is the CMO for Greenspoon Marder, one of the largest law firms in the United States. She’s a brilliant advocate for the GM brand, a speaker, published author and leader in the community. Check out her headshot in action and don’t miss her bio on the Greenspoon Marder website.

My advice? Its a good idea to create a cache of classic images you can keep handy for last minute requests as they come up. These particular images are clean, simple and versatile. The white background can be used as is, brightened to a stark white option, or even changed to a totally different color in Photoshop. Logos can be laid over the image in that negative space or it could even be a cover shot where the magazine’s name and features can fit it around the image.

With a session like this, we are able to get a variety of poses - headshot, 3/4, full length, sitting, standing, and more. This way, when they come calling, you are ready to go!

Of course, a full branding shoot is a fabulous way to convey the brand and culture of the company, but this stockpile of portraits is good to have and will last for some time.