Creative Exploration

As a Boudoir photographer in Fort Lauderdale, its not often I get to romp through the woods with log cabins and a beautiful lake to shoot against. So, when the opportunity arose, I jumped on it!

This Summer I was able to travel to the deep woods of Ontario, Canada and attend a boudoir photographers’ retreat and workshop - kinda like an adult Summer Camp full of expert teachers, amazing models of all shapes and sizes and like-minded professionals.

Pix, featured here, was one of those models. They are non-binary and have a beautifully bendy body! They used to study dance, and I think you can tell. They also have one of the most beautiful collections of tattoos I’ve seen in a long time.

I told Pix that their face reminded soooo much of Sinead O’Connor - not just the hair, but something in the air about them or maybe a bit of melancholy in the eyes. I just had to get a close up of their face, as well as all the beautiful androgynous, bendy body things. Such a privilege to work with Pix. I am grateful.

Enjoy this funky exploration with this woodland nymph.