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Sometimes the universe conspires to have two people destined to meet come together at just the right moment. I’ve met the most amazing woman and this is the story of our magical boudoir portrait session.

Several months ago, I received a call from a woman with a special request. She was leaving to go out-of-state for a surgical procedure, a double mastectomy, and she wanted to do a boudoir shoot to preserve the memory of her pre-surgery body. She was set to fly out exactly one week later.

We talked a lot about what she wanted out of the session. She was mentally prepared for her surgery and had been dedicated to working out with a trainer. She wanted to go into surgery in the best possible physical condition to maximize her chances for a speedy recovery. She wanted to feel beautiful and strong.

She also wanted to be able to take the photos with her on the trip so she could fully sit in gratitude for what her body was capable of. She wanted to feel good and proud of herself for doing a boudoir shoot in her late 40s.

When I arrived at her home, I was taken aback at how marvelously well decorated it was. She has impeccable taste that comes through in her beautiful wall art, decor and overall ambiance. I like to play music during my boudoir shoots and the music always matches the mood we are trying to set. Sometimes its dance party music and sometimes its sexy music. But this was different - it was about to become a true fine art experience. So we played soft, spa music and the mood guided our work and transitions between sets. This was a pas de deux and the energy exchange between artist and muse was exquisite.

We created so many artistic and images with depth that day. Privacy is of the utmost importance for this raven-haired beauty, as we might imagine, so are sharing the anonymous ones which happen to be some of my favorites.

Postscript - her surgery went well and while she had to have a few additional and unexpected surgeries, she has recovered nicely and her spirit is triumphant. We are going to start planning her Fifty & Fabulous boudoir session soon!

Thank you, Ms. A, for sharing your experience with me. I am grateful.

MUA: Scharon Isse

Fine Art Boudoir Photography by Graciela valdes-4.jpg
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