Glamorous AF Transgender Woman

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I love few things more than the diverse population of South Florida. I’m fascinated by the human condition - the things that define us as individuals and the things that bring us together as one.  We are all more alike than we are different, that’s for sure.

And so imagine how excited I was to meet Freya - she’s a young and fabulous Latin transgender woman who models in her spare time when she isn’t at her day job helping others.  OMG, check out her beautiful cheekbones and those poppin’ collarbones! Gorgeous!

This was her first (but certainly not last!) Boudoir Portrait Experience and she wants to share her thoughts and feelings with you, my dear reader, in the hopes she can serve as inspiration to other transgender persons who might be considering a similar photographic experience.

“When I booked the shoot, I was really excited as this would be my first time being photographed for myself and not as a modeling job. Modeling for someone else means following instructions and doing as I’m told. Having a boudoir shoot really made me think about how I feel and how I want to see myself.

Graciela was able to go at my pace and make me feel comfortable the whole time. She’s a great help for first-timers.

This shoot allowed me to grow my confidence and really put it out there in full force. I know that parts of me still look a bit manly, but I accept myself fully and this session helped me embrace that.  

The shoot did make me want to go to the gym more LOL, but I’ve been walking around with my head held high since my photoshoot!

To any transgender person who might be thinking about doing a boudoir shoot with Graciela, I would say do it! Its ok not to “pass” by today’s standards. Just be fully yourself. In time, you will see the process of your journey unfold and you will be surprised with the changes. In the meantime, love yourself just how you are.”

I asked Freya if there was anything she wanted people to know about being transgender and she said, “We may have been born different, but our hearts and minds are pure like everyone else.”  

Isn’t that the truth?! We all just want to be happy, right? That’s what I’m here to help people do - indulge in their happiness. 

Thanks, Freya, for teaching us to love ourselves!

Makeup by: Scharon Isse

BoudoirGraciela Valdes