Gorgeously Modern Boudoir

Modern Boudoir by Graciela Valdes 11.jpg

Fort Lauderdale Boudoir at the Beach!

This session is special for many reasons that will remain a mystery to you, my dear reader, but rest assured this beauty and I know what this session meant to her!

Ms. A. had a big birthday coming up and she wanted to celebrate herself in style. Deciding to do a shoot was a flash of an idea until she decided to take action and make the call. Once we spoke, we hit it off and the planning began!

She picked a beautiful hotel suite overlooking Ft. Lauderdale Beach and it could not have suited her any better. The clean modern lines of the room perfectly reflected her personality which also came through in her outfit choices.

With boudoir photography, one thing is for sure: you’ve got to be yourself. Authenticity for the WIN every time!

This session produced a huge amount of incredible images. Don’t miss seeing them all!

MUA: Judy Irizzary