Graciela's Own Boudoir Session


I just had the time of my life!  And I was NAKED most of the time! ahhh!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I was a lady and all, but I’m not gonna lie – I was romping around in various states of undress and it was wonderfully liberating! I was a teeny tiny bit freaked out, but like in that rollercoaster kinda way – a total high.
I was also able to compare my experience as a client to the experience I provide as a boudoir photographer and I’ve confirmed a couple of things I suspected were true all along.


Being Prepared Is a Good Thing

  • Developing a good relationship with my photographer was essential to my comfort level and the session’s overall success. Placing trust in your photographer is a must.
  • Having plans for my session was a great roadmap to follow. I planned my outfits and I knew what I wanted and how to define what sexy means to me.

Being Prepared to Let Go is an Even Better Thing

  • I was all excited to use my new, luxurious corset and when I got it on, I realized that I had accidentally ordered it 6 (yes, SIX) sizes too big. (There was something confusing about the sizing guidelines, to say the least.) After laughing, we used a giant clip to hold it together. Just had to get creative!
  • As a boudoir photographer, I see little things like this happen often and its all part of the adventure. I have some beautiful rose petal filled bathtub portraits on my website – they look serene and romantic. In truth, it was a series of unpredictable mishaps: the bathtub kept draining – there was a poor seal on the drain plug and we couldn’t get the water to fill the tub. After many attempts, we finally resorted to pulling a large pot from the kitchen, filling it with water to weigh it down and placing it on top of a washcloth we were trying to use to plug up the drain. That’s right, underneath all those beautiful candles and rose petals is a 3 qt sauce pot! What’s really great is that one of those photos won an award from the Association of International Boudoir Photographers!

Laughing Your Ass Off Is a Must

  • That liberating feeling came from allowing myself to be vulnerable – not just physically, but emotionally. Most of the time, I was laughing hysterically and feeling more than a bit silly.
  • Don’t take it all so seriously. Yes, the session is a big deal and, dare I say, potentially life-changing, but you gotta take it lightly. You have to be able to laugh at yourself – because playing like you are a contortionist while in your underwear attempting a pose that looks “hot” is nothing short of hysterically funny.

Certainly, there are glorious moments where you feel your femininity and sensuality rise to the surface and those feeling as well preserved in your portraits.

And now its time for me to be vulnerable again. I invite you into my boudoir session below. It is me. All of me. Who I am and everything I love about myself.



The Lady Behind the Camera
Special thanks to my friend and mentor, Jennifer Tallerico of JT Noir in Palatka, Florida. Her style is a unique time travel experience. She takes you into the old world masters’ painting – you become royalty, creating your own history. Her underwater photography is just as impassioned and ethereal. 
Despite the vast differences in our styles of boudoir photography, we both uphold similar principals: Boudoir Photography is, without a doubt, a gorgeously indulgent art; Client Experience is key; and every woman deserves a boudoir shoot.