Heaven, Indeed.

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What is Heaven if not being fully in love with who you are inside and out?

Meet Nevaeh.

As a Fort Lauderdale boudoir photographer, I have this amazing opportunity to walk stride in stride with my clients as they go through this journey of self-discovery. A Boudoir photography experience is so much more than a photoshoot. It is truly a celebration of self-acceptance. That doesn’t mean you don’t have flaws; it doesn’t mean you don’t notice the little things you’d like to change; it means you like yourself in spite of it all.

Nevaeh is a transgender woman who is full of love and life! She enjoys spending time with her loved ones, hanging out with friends and traveling. She was sooooo excited for this boudoir session! I’ll let her tell about her experience in her own words below.

“I had no hesitation in booking my boudoir shoot!  I do get nervous, but the moment I get on stage or in front of the camera my nerves go out the window and I have fun! Life is too short to miss out on ANYTHING! 

What I liked the most about my experience was stepping out of my comfort zone. I loved that the portraits were classy with a little bit of sexy at the same time. I even did a little bit of nudity!

I would 100% recommend this experience to anyone! It’s all about having fun and being yourself. You don’t have to look a certain way and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just be yourself.”

Neveah’s thoughts below on what its like to be a transgender woman are powerful. We need to listen. We need to support and love each other. It is literally a matter of life and death. Can we just add a little more love? Here’s Nevaeh’s closing thoughts. I’m grateful for her voice.

“One big change I’ve noticed since the photoshoot is that I’ve gained more confidence in myself. Growing up I always struggled with confidence because of how severe my depression and anxiety was from bullying.

To any transgender person who is considering doing a shoot, I would say jump on it! This is one way of expressing who you are. Show everyone that we do exist and let them know we’re not freaks. We are human beings trying to live our lives like anybody else.

Being transgender in general is not easy. I’m going to be honest -  it’s not a very easy process at first. Us trans people face issues, but transgender women right now are facing the most issues. We are being killed! My sisters are dying and it’s breaking my heart. We transgender women face obstacles and are constantly having to fight. The stares, the rude comments, the fights, the killing, the harassment, the discrimination, & disowning us has to stop. I am not trying to change anyone’s perspective on transgender people, but please respect us. We have feelings and at this stage of our lives we are so fragile. If you ever run into a transgender woman or man, be pleasant & respect us. 

Love, Peace, & Prosperity ❤️

     ~ Nevaeh”

MUA: Scharon Isse