Holistic Massage Therapist Personal Branding

Part of the Personal Branding process with me is discussing the details of your business - Who is your ideal client? What is your industry? How do you want your clients to see you?

Chatting with Marcia Chaves of Lirios Massage, we picked out the parts of her business that matter most - the personal care she gives to each of her clients, her special skills in the cupping method, her professionalism and her expertise. She connects with each of her clients and develops a personalized care plan for each one.

Marcia is a very giving part of her community. She is the Crew Leader for the Smart Ride and the President at FSMTA Broward Chapter.

She also has this beautiful space that basically feels like home when you walk in. We captured all those details in addition to her actual portrait. Together, they tell the story of what its like to work with this talented massage therapist and healer.

Check her out on Facebook. or on her website.