Let Them Eat Cake

Mrs. K is a French native and wanted a portrait shoot styled in homage to Marie Antoinette. We had SO much fun putting the styling together – the hairstyle, the make up, the props, the CAKES, and... la pièce de résistance... the DRESS! OMG, the dress was an amazing! At well over $10,000, it set the tone for the entire shoot. Once we had the dress, we knew there was only one place to photograph it, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami – a decadent, sprawling estate reminiscent of the European building and gardening traditions with the Miami-blue water as our backdrop.

We then converted my client’s dining room into an 18th Century parlor complete with champagne, candlelight, and the most delectable cakes, cupcakes and treats imaginable. We really tried to convey Marie’s youthful joy and penchant for luxurious indulgences as well as a bit of her stern nature. We also channeled a little bit of that “I AM the QUEEN!” attitude and had so much fun doing it. It was a very long shoot and a very long day, but certainly one of a kind.

As a side note, experiences similar to this one are offered only 5 times per year and only with our Premium Experience package – the very best boudoir and glamour experience in South Florida.

Makeup by: France Mallet

Hair By: Jennifer Luszak