Mood Swings

Wait till I tell you about Mood Swings! This was such a fun shoot!

Stacy is an amazing professional. She works for a local non-profit and needed professional headshots. She also wanted a little something outside of just your usual gray background, corporate feel - she wanted to see her personality and passions come through - a true Personal Branding session!

So we did the shoot in her home and started with these fun, but professional, headshots. We just used what was around her house to create casual backgrounds to convey that easy going nature she has about her. While I was walking around her house, I noticed that every single item in her home, from decor to photo frames to artwork and furniture, all had a personal story. Everything had meaning. I was blown away at just how purposeful her life seemed to be and how curated her home was.

One of Stacy’s passions is cooking - she’s got amazing skills in the kitchen! (For example, she had laid out a little platter for my makeup artist and me that included almonds, but not just regular almonds, they were almonds that had been roasted in truffle butter! OMG! They were so good too, but I digress.)

Apparently she’s famous for cooking for friends and family, but there’s one catch - you have to eat whatever she feels in the mood to cook that day! So, someone came up with Mood Swings for her culinary experiences and the name stuck! Her husband got her this awesome wooden plaque and the rest is history! So, we grabbed a few shots of Stacy in her environment, doing her thing. I believe we captured her true self. Isn’t that how we want to be seen? To be remembered?

Its always such an honor being in someone’s home, their personal space, and seeing who they really are. One of the highlights of this shoot was when Stacy told me about her Dad and the American flag she was given in remembrance of his well-lived life. I took a shot of her and made sure to place the flag in the background so that she’d have a visual reminder of how he is always with her and undboutedly proud of her.

Its more that just a photoshoot. It’s legacy in so many ways.