Playing with Wax

Do More Camp - Erotica 150.jpg

Just a couple of ladies playing with wax.

That’s all I was going to write on this post. Alas, I’m not a woman of few words. I love words. So let’s explore the question on many minds - why anyone would want such an intimate moment photographed?

Simply put, because it feels good.

We photograph things that move us. Why do we photograph these things? To remember. To explore. To analyze. To reflect. To evolve. Photography is a powerful medium - we photograph things we love, things we hate, things that make us feel, things that we want to remember, and sometimes things we want to learn from. Photographing your intimate moments achieves the same results.

Maybe you are in a solid relationship and you want to celebrate it. Maybe your relationship has fallen into a routine and needs a little playtime? When was the last time you spent dedicated time being intimate with your partner? I’m not just talking about sex. Sex is sex. I’m talking intimacy. Intimacy is about vulnerability. It’s about the strength and courage to be vulnerable. Its about really seeing each other, listening to each other, talking, sharing dreams and fantasies.

With a couples boudoir shoot, you are in complete control and I am just an observer. You decide what you’d like to document. What feeling you’d like to create and be reminded of when you see the photos. Maybe there’s some part of your partner you really love - their eyes, their smile, their mouth. Maybe you’ve got a beautifully intimate relationship and you want to push the boundaries, get outside your comfort zone and try something new.

Possibilities are endless. So what do you do if you want to explore a couple’s shoot? Contact me - email or call, anytime. We meet in person, go over some styling ideas, experience concepts and ground rules. We set a date and take it light. No matter how steamy the photos look, keep in mind those are little moments. Most of these shoots are filled with laughter. You can catch a laugh or two below.