Plus Sized Male Goodness

I participate in shoot-outs whenever I can. They are fun experiences and really test your eye and skills. Basically, someone agrees to be photographed and then a bunch of photographers gather around and take turns setting up shots. Sometimes there are a lot of people waiting and so you try and move quickly. That’s how I ended up with just a few shots of Randy.

Randy is an awesome model for plus sized male boudoir portraiture. He’s got these amazing tattoos, the most gorgeous blue eyes, and a body that says husky hunk all day long. I was only able to grab a few shots, but when I started working with them, I really started getting into playing with the cropping and close ups. I took one shot and cropped it a few different ways; and I loved what I found.

See, for me, I love cuddling up to my man. I love nestling in the crook of his arm and laying my head on his chest. When I do that, I’m seeing him really up close. So I came to love the details in skin, the roughness of a shaven face, the deep thought behind his hazel eyes. When I saw what became of Randy’s cropped images, it reminded me so much of my own partner that I suddenly found comfort in the familiarity even though they are totally different.

The cropped image of Randy’s face made me wonder, What’s he thinking? The cropped image of his chest and tattoos made me wonder, What’s the story behind the tattoo? and so on. It made me think. It made me feel.