Sex After Dark

Sex After Dark! That’s what the event was called where I gave a talk and did a live boudoir demo. Woooo! It was so amazing!

SunServe - Women’s Services, a non-profit dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ+ community, put on this amazing evening centering body positivity, sensuality, health and wellbeing! This event was for queer/ womxn/ femme/ lesbian/ bi/ trans/ nonbinary/ and/or people with marginalized gender identities. Black / Indigenous/ Brown/ People Of Color were encouraged to come take space.

There were amazing speakers and performers and since I had my camera with me, I snagged a couple of shots.

♥ How To Guide for QTPOC navigating kink by Mx. T Peña
♥ Sexologists Joni & Esther from Sex Ed Bootcamp for a sex toy demo & educational talk.
♥ Performances by Ruby Tesla Burlesque and LA the King.

When it was my turn, I did a talk about body positivity and a short How-To Boudoir at home. I talked a lot about how to love yourself - even it means just finding one little thing you love about yourself and starting there. Its easy to pick yourself apart. We look at ourselves so critically all the time. Boudoir allows us to look at ourselves in a new and wonderful light.

Here are the photos we created on stage at the nightclub. It was more than challenging shooting on a tiny stage in front of a club full of people, LOL, but it was a ton of fun!