The Lady & Her Jewels

Ms. K was ALL about the styling and the jewels and man, did she rock it or what?! I’m so lucky to be a boudoir photographer in Ft. Lauderdale and to have the opportunity to shoot boudoir in hotel rooms such as these. For this session, we went with three main “looks” – we wanted to do some elegant boudoir and then work out way through a little 50 Shades of Gray boudoir and end up with a little Rock n’ Roll boudoir.

While we planned the outfits and the jewelry and the general themes in advance, there’s nothing like a little game-day magic to put the cherry on top of the best boudoir sessions. It is so exciting to have myself, the hair stylist, the make up artist and the jewelry stylist all come together to achieve the perfect look based on the client’s desires.

Like so many of my boudoir clients, Ms. K walked in a bit nervous and STRUT her way back into the world, stronger, taller and more rocking’ than ever. I’m so proud of her!

Makeup by: Scharon Isse
Hair By: Katia Bates, Lee Loo Salon