The Nature of Things LookBook

Product photography by Graciela Valdes for Candy Woolley1.jpg

I was commissioned by the extremely talented, 4th-generation designer and seamstress, Candy Woolley, to create a LookBook for a special new collection.

We collaborated on this vision and came up with a beautiful model, theme and location. Everything came together seamlessly and this is still one of my favorite product photography sessions!

We called it The Nature of Things and Candy describes it as follows:

“The "Nature of Things" lookbook collection is dedicated to the adventurous,  romantic woman who enjoys classic yet exotic things in life. She builds her own world with treasures that she finds during travels to distant places. She is quite a fashionista and when she enters the room, all eyes are on her! “

You can find more of Candy’s beautifully bespoke bags at .

MUA: Scharon Isse Handbags & Cuffs: Candy Woolley