The Power of Oxblood

Agile Planners by Graciela Valdes 100.jpg

Monica Roca, CEO of Agile Planners, is in love with Oxblood - the color, that is! Its this beautiful deep red and absolutely gorgeous! She’s in the midst of rebranding - new website, new cards, etc. BUT FIRST, Personal Branding Portraits!

Monica is an absolute expert in all things accounting systems and QuickBooks. She works with small companies to get their numbers in order - their businesses runs smoother, tax time is a lot easier, and they free themselves up to focus on the meaty parts of their business.

Her ideal clients connect with this professional but industrial space that we shot in. We had her bring in her clothing choices; then my makeup artist matched her skin tone for a flawlessly natural look and created the perfect lip color to bring it all together. You can see she is a professional, but not overly corporate or stuffy. She knows her stuff, but can relate to anyone. I love that about her

This collection of images are truly versatile for her business - website, social media, print marketing, etc. Notice some of the images have tons of negative space off to one side - Monica can now take that space and add in her logo, or a quote, or the special of the day. She can also crop the photo and get a whole different use out of it.

This is the goal of Personal Branding portraits - where you can create a myriad of images that will last and provide a cohesive brand image when viewed all together.

You can see more info on the Agile Planners website, but I recommend you check back soon for the upgrade! I can’t wait to see what she does with these images!