To Be A Woman - Part II

One of the most GLORIOUS things about being a woman is the prerogative we have to explore our many passions and to express ourselves freely at any given moment.

We have so many different facets to ourselves and together they make us the unique and wonderful creatures we are. The session I am sharing below is the subject of the Graciela Valdes Fine Art Photography Promotional Video – check it out! Huge thanks to Mrs. A for allowing us to share her personal session.

Mrs. A is mom to a toddler and wife to a loving husband. She is smart, sassy and a take-no-crap kinda girl. But, like all moms, she was going through an exhausted and overwhelmed phase. We decided a boudoir shoot would be a great experience for her to uncouple from her responsibilities and for just one day, be the complete center of indulgence.

Hair and Makeup by: Scharon Isse