Young Lawyer Personal Branding

Sara Singer Headshots Branding by Graciela Valdes 6.jpg

Personal Branding tells a story - the more images you have, the better the story you can tell!

Sara J. Singer is a local family law attorney and this is her second photoshoot with me. She recently got a beautiful new office in Pompano Beach and we wanted to update her images.

Sara offers effective and compassionate legal counsel. She’s a second generation family law attorney, so the passion is in her blood! We wanted her photographs to convey her expertise (she’s got a ton of trial experience and a law degree from University of Miami) as well as her kind-hearted approachability. We wanted to show that you could trust her to kick ass on your case, but you could also talk to her like a friend.

What Sara did next was amazing - she made her personal branding images work for her! Check out her social media postings. She’s conveying her friendly face, professional expertise, and providing value by way of advice.

If you’d like to know more about Sara and her firm, check out her website!