Colleen W.

I met Graciela at her booth at the Women’s’ Empowerment Conference 2017. I would call it the most inviting hang out booth at the entire conference. She was not only inviting, but she was warm & friendly and I was curious. Her energy resonated with me. I have ALWAYS wanted a portrait session over the decades but like so many others, I never got around to it. I looked at her sexy portraits and imagined myself into the pages. 

She followed up with me and I bolted….the reflex fear was “I am not sure”. Not really true. It was more like, I want to do this but I am not confident about this. 

Her follow up was very professional. More like “let me take me you by the hand and walk you thru the process”. She explored with me themes by sending me questions about myself, what was I comfortable/uncomfortable with. What themes did I envisage for myself? What was my timeline? Did I have any ideas on venues etc..It was really cathartic. There was a process. You don’t just show up and she shoots. She walks you thru.

The entire process was really enjoyable. I had to trust the process. Her make-up team was exceptional and the day was better than I had anticipated. I was extremely comfortable throughout the entire shoot. 

Graciela takes the time to know her subjects. She walks around inside your skin and knows how far to push -she knew my comfort zones. I was excited to try something new. I was excited by the outcome. It really exceeded my expectations. I plan to do this again soon. 

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to have their photographs done. She captured my essence perfectly. The final package that I chose is outstanding. 

If you would like to see my shoot with her feel free to ask me. I am so proud of the final results. I actually feel like a real centerfold model (lol)!!

Be careful, she grows on you, so much so, that you will want to do it again!!

5-Star Google Review