Playing with Light

Male boudoir photography can be a cool place to play with light. Men tend to have straight lines where women have curves and so shooting a man, for me, becomes much more about lines, angles and the structures surrounding the subject. So the feeling in the photo has to come from expressions, the look in their eyes and, best of all, the light.

A brightly lit room tells a much different story than a dimly lit room. The sun pouring in, creating definitions here and there. Its all purposeful and part of the tone of the story we are trying to tell.

Oliver here is in a cabin, wearing his bathing suit and kinda just hanging around and his mind is off in the distance somewhere. Only he knows what’s on his mind. He’s all over the place though… trying to get comfortable? waiting for his lover? or maybe just waiting for his clothes to come out of the dryer. LOL

Any which way you slice it, Oliver now has range of images documenting the best time period of his life. Youth is King, indeed.